Sunday, October 25, 2009

Missed an hour...

Some people don't like the hassle of Daylight Saving Time, having to switch your clocks once a year to gain either an hour daylight or in the fall an hour of sleep. I personally don't mind either way.

It's been a long busy week and I have been feeling tired all throughout, so I was looking forward to the time change today of setting the clocks back an hour. (In Mexico we do that the last Sunday of Oct.) I was on devo this morning so knew I had to be up for that, after my hour sleep in of course. Oh, I went to bed a happy man after resetting all my clocks and alarms.

This morning I am awakened to the ominous sound of banging pots and people talking loudly in the kitchen while they were making their breakfasts (our room is closest to the kitchen) and thinking I didn't want to get up... after dragging myself out of bed I looked at my clock wondering why my alarm hadn't gone off, imagine my surprise when it read 6:15 am. "NO," I thought, "they shouldn't be their making noise till 7:15 am."

So I go out and ask them "if they knew what time it was" with the sure answer of "7:15 am, same as every morning." I then asked "if they changed their clocks back" and received the reply, "Oh Crap, was that today?"