Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Miracle...

The Consulate updates their website with each weeks cases on Tuesday. Last week Olya and I had decided that if there was no update on her case this week, I would take the Thursday train home alone to San Antonio and her and the kids would follow once the visa did come through. Even with having friends and family all over the world praying for us and for the visa approval we were very discouraged on Tuesday when there was no update.

After some tears and general disappointment we decided to take action. Deciding our plan of attack we would each play a role, I wrote the attorneys back home asking if there was anything else we could do at this time to help speed the process up. I also wrote our Congressman who represents the district we live at back home. I am fortunate to have a representative that sits on the Committee for the Dept. of Homeland Security, if anyone could help get the ball rolling faster I figured it would be him. (As of this writing I have not heard back from either of them Ha!)

Olya was then going to go to the Consulate one last time on Wednesday just for a final check before I left Thursday. We really had no hope that they would have updated since the one on Tuesday the day before, she arrived home though with the good news that they had just approved her visa that morning and would be issuing the visa that day. And if all goes well we should have it sent DHL by Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. We were elated... the wait is coming to an end.

So I decided to stay and since the train from El Paso to San Antonio only goes three days a week (Mon. Thurs. and Sat.) we started praying that the visa would be there by Friday to catch the Sat train. Thursday morning we were shocked when checking the website to see that her DHL package had already been delivered to the local office for her to go pick up. Raymond offered to come drive her to get the package and take it to the border to validate it. They left at 2:30 pm and arrived home at about 11:00 pm after spending seven hours at the border. She had her visa validated and all ready to go, she actually did cross and then they came right back... Ha! (I think she is going to miss Mexico)

So tonight we are happy and tomorrow we pack and move across to the US side and begin another chapter of our lives. 

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Luz Alemana said...

I mean : boring para nada, I read this and think the Odyssee is boring compared to what you and some of us go through in life.
Can´t wait for the next the real thing is starting and will show how much Mexico will be missed!