Thursday, April 12, 2012

Visa Update...

Olya and I just got back from standing in line for nearly two hours at the Consulate to try and get an update on the status of her case. Two weeks ago we were told that if everything checks out that within two weeks we would have her visa so since that didn't happen we went down there in person. Last time I stood in that line we got someone who was rude and had no idea how to answer our questions and gave us so much bad information I was really praying we would not get her again. By the time we got to the window it was a different person, we were so thankful. After explaining the info we were looking for she looked up our case and she told us everything seems to be in order they are just waiting on verification on some of her Russian data. She assured us it shouldn't be too much longer and that soon we should get the visa.

I am puzzled by this as the whole 20 month process has been to check and verify and recheck her data... most of the time from Russia as the US data we submitted was easy to verify. I guess it's good they are trying to keep the "borders secure" and now I am seeing why so many people try to get to the US without going through the proper channels... they make it so tough.

I am just glad it should almost be over. Please keep praying it comes through soon that all the info is verified so that it can be done.

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