Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Texas by Train...

I love to travel and seeing the land is always special for me, traveling with the family is even better. I have cris-crossed the States many times on buses, driving and flying. Each method has it's advantages and/or disadvantages. Some need the time savings that flying provides so they pay higher travel costs and endure all kinds of luggage and security restrictions. Some prefer the more scenic route with being able to travel on your own time so they drive. Some don't like to drive so they take the bus for the economy and regular schedules. Other's discover the train...

With visa's validated and all of us on the US side of the border we headed home via Amtrak... the US's passenger train line. While I have traveled via train many times before in multitudes of countries this was my first US train experience. I wasn't sure what to expect.

Tickets in hand and luggage checked... All Aboard!!!

We chose this method based on one decision alone... Luggage!!! When moving with your family and little kids you always have lots of stuff, and with 3 checked bags and 2 carry on permitted with each ticket, making this move was a no brainier. Then we discovered that for the trip across Texas we were making the train was cheaper than the bus. And the benefits just kept on going...

Alex and Julian comfy in their seats.

I was amazed at how big the seats were, the comfort was unparalleled. Being able to get up, walk through the cars, enjoy the dining car, the lounge car which had a snack bar and tons of activities to help pass the time really made the 12 hour trip very pleasant and enjoyable. I didn't feel like I was making a trip that I needed to... it felt like I was on vacation.

With power outlets at each seat gaming and video viewing was made easy.

If I have a choice in the future to a destination the train goes to, I will choose the train every time. The whole experience was great and the Amtrak personnel were kind and courteous. Five Star!!!!!  Enjoy the photos.

The Lounge Car was great for checking out the views and just hanging out when tired of your seats.

Us in the Dining Car for lunch... The boys had pizza and we had chicken soup with tortilla strips along with a nice garden salad.

 This railway bridge going over the Pecos river is one of the highest rail bridge in the US, with 322 feet of clearance from water level.

Desert Mountains.

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