Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

Every child thinks that their parents are the best, and rightly so. I share the same feelings for mine. Dad, I am hoping and praying that you have a great new year.

I think the biggest thing I learned from my dad was to be giving. I never saw him hold anything back if there was someone in need. He was always there to help out and give a helping hand.

If I have ever helped you or done you a favor it was due to the sample I saw in my dad and the way he taught me to be!

A request to my readers

My dad doesn’t have internet but I will be showing him this post so if you know him and have a story about something he has done for you please tell it in the comments section.


florecita said...

Well, Gabe gave us a free ride from Veracruz to Corpus, and his dad put us up for the night at his home. 1000 thanks to the both of you. It was VERY appreciated.

Gabe said...

Thanks for taking the pic of us Florecita.

Linda said...

Your dad, Servant (the name I knew him by), was just what you said -- one of the most giving, sweet, loving brothers I ever knew. He and your mother ran a border base that was always open to those passing through. They would do shopping for our Home in Mexico and give and give and give. I only have the fondest memories of your dad. It was inspiring to see his picture, as now I can picture him when I pray for him. Love you so so much! He knew me as Bileam (of Huram). xo

Czech it out! said...

I've never met your dad..but you can see kindness in his eyes and as you already mentioned in the way you act! Happy birthday!

Victoria said...

This is a cute pic, I like the crooked smile :-)