Thursday, January 11, 2007

24 hours in a day…

My last 24 hours went something like this,

Last night we had our candle light service since we all weren’t at home on the 31st. That meant that I got to bed late, no complaints though as it was a wonderful time of heart sharing and fellowship.

Got up at normal time (well I had to drag myself out of bed, I may have been a little late…shhh.) and had devotions and breakfast.

Then to begin my day in earnest, it was market day. Had a great time with all my friends and contacts there not having seen them in nearly 6 weeks.

Got home around 2:00 pm and went through the veggies, and loaded up a bunch of food to take to our CTP. After getting home from that I took the kids for the afternoon till dinner at 7:00 pm.

Right after dinner I went out witnessing with some others from our home and in a few hours we had gotten out 20 CD’s. TTL!

So now I am home and writing this…I will leave you with some pics from last night.

Oh yeah and it was laundry day, I was actually able to do it…don’t ask me how I am still trying to figure out when I had the time for it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bro give a shout out to Andrew. It's been forever since I last saw him.

Who knows if that "project" ends I might be up for a vacation.


florecita said...

that pic of the candles is pretty pretty!!

CurlyCel said...

Oh my goodness, are they wearing long sleeved shirts? Does that mean its not humid/sticky/hot? Wow!!!

Nyx said...

oh yes nice candles ;)

Joy said...

Hey Jer, what about Andrew's wife? It's been forever since you saw her, too!