Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Rebecca

Happy 33, the age of Christ’s ascension to the heavens. Okay so that can seem bleak….hopefully you’ll be with us awhile longer.

Dear Rebecca, I know that people all over the world know you and have mostly met you in the past few years in your travels. I am sure anyone of them could testify to how sweet and kind a person you are. I say that based on what I have heard people say about you.

Although I have not met or seen you in the past few years and my memory of you is from some 14 years ago, I share the same opinions.

There are some people who cross your path in life and although that crossing may be brief it burns in the mind a memory so vivid 14 years ago could have been last month. You are one of those people in my life.

I want to dedicate this post to you and to the many unseen birthdays that occur for those working in areas behind the scenes. I want to thank you for the dreams and desires that you must have sacrificed over the years for the betterment of the Family and each one of us individually. It truly is a sample I would want to emulate.

I know that anyone who has forsaken anything the Lord has promised to repay a hundred fold, my prayer for you is that some of those blessings arrive this year.

Happy Birthday!

(Picture edited for security reasons....)


Anonymous said...

woah, that picture looks scary.

Gabe said...

The art on the picture is done in the style that it was in the older letters when picturing someone living behind the scenes...sorry it scares you!

Joy said...

Beca, happy birthday! Don't worry, you're much prettier than your picture. I agree with Gabe's post...I meet people all the time who remember you very fondly, sometimes just from one meeting or a few minutes spent with you. (Which, conveniently for me, provides an easy way to identify myself... "Oh, Rebecca's sister......ah!")

I will send pics of us all as soon as I get home. Thank you for everything you've done and everything you're the best big little sis! Have a wonderful birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becs, I remembered your birthday yesterday I just could not get to the computer. I love you and I think there is no reason for blotting out your beautiful face. Life is too short to hide. I love you and will send you pics of the girls to your email.

esther t. said...

I was traveling, so I couldn't post, but Happy Birthday Becca. I love you & thank you for the mark you left on my life. I am what I am today because of you & other wonderful people like you.
May the Lord reward you for all the sacrifices you've made & all the love you give to others.

Claire said...

I love you Rebecca!

Just seeing this post made me miss you sooooo much. Almost made me cry.

I love you and pray you have a wonderful year. I'm just another life you touched, of course, but to me, you're one of my most priceless friends and up there on the tippy top of my "wanna be with" list for heaven... (only cuz I don't have that chance on earth, so I TTL for the heavenly vision)