Monday, January 22, 2007


Yesterday marked the 6th month my blog was open.

In that time I have had over 6,000 unique visitors, averaging about 33 a day. I know that’s not many but for a little guy on the field I think that’s not bad.

I have had visitors from 74 different countries.

And I just found out my post, Thunderstorms and Life, will be published in an upcoming Reflections. TTL!

I would also like to announce the opening of “Don’t Ever Give Up!” a blog started by my good friend Jenny, the frog that is a princess.


Czech it out! said...

What a POPULAR person you are!! :O) Love you Gabe...your blog is one of the best! I'm glad you put some positive pressure on our princess "Froggy"!

The wump said...

Hey gabe,
I thot i'd leave a comment since I visit alot but never say hi..

I started a blog awhile back but didn't publish much, but I'm starting up again.


stop being delinquent and write me soon.


Gabe said...

Kathy, that's so sweet of you to say! I don't think though that I am so popular, it's just that I surround myself with great friends. Thanks for being one to me!

And Lainey,
Thanks for the comment and revealing your presence. As for being a delinquent writer...I have just followed your lead. Lol! I will be checking out your blog to see what you have coming our way! Thanks for the Link. Love Ya!

Jenny said...

Thanks, Gabe, for the initiation, heh! ... just where did the princess thing come from? A frog, that I understand, but a princess?? ;)