Sunday, January 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Ali

I want to do a special post for Ali (of Nathan) not only because it’s her birthday but because of the friendship we share.

For the 18 months that I was not in the Family I had lots of people praying for me and doing what they could for me. From November of 2005 – May of 2006 was probably the hardest time spiritually and emotional of my entire life. Ali, faithfully sent me an email every single day with a quote or a key promise to try to encourage and strengthen me. There was times when I wasn’t online for over a month yet when I did check my email I would have 30+ emails from her with the subject line, “Quote for today!”

Ali, you helped save my life!

Although I have thanked you dozens of times I feel I can never thank you enough for the faith you showed in me that I would make it, for the prayers you prayed that I would and your unwavering friendship despite my shortcomings. It’s because of people like you I am here today.

May this year be your best yet, filled with blessings and love!

If there’s anything you or Nate need, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to help.

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Mike said...

Happy Birthday Ali!