Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vacations: Friends

Spent two days hanging out with Francesco (Lithuanian) and Cel (Italian); two great friends that I knew from Europe. Since it was my Mexican “Euro Trip” I will also mention Munoz (the Spaniard) since he is from Spain and is always good for a laugh and a game of poker. I also saw 4 French women in 3 different homes. Met a crazy half Japanese girl (Paula) who is into “drinking and men!” And although she’s not European I had to mention her for the great laughs (and video footage) she provided.


Cesco and Cel

Paula (The one in black lace.)

I visited 5 different homes and saw about 70 family members, it was a great time of fellowship.


Joan said...

OMG! Paula is in mexico? Where in mexico?
Good grief..

Ruth Cortejos said...

Sounds like you had fun...plenty of women around heh!

babylove said...

What? Marie is in mexico too? Hmm! It's OK Joan the other half of the World is in Japan. hee!

Gabe said...

Joan, Paula is in Mex City area not sure what home she's ending up at.

Babylove, ironically despite hanging out in the same home with Paula for a few days I didn't get any pcs of her, so I found the one I posted on the MO site. I don't know Marie so don't know if she's in Mexico or not. But I didn't see her there.

Ruth, yes there are women in Mexico, just no single ones in Veracruz. We are looking for personel though so maybe the odds will get better.