Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vacations: Outings

I spent a day with Cesco and Cel in Ajusco, which is a mountainous area just outside of Mexico City. I used to go there every weekend when I lived in DF. So it was nice for me to go up there and just spend the day. We had an amazing meal, which was Cesco’s first authentic Mexican meal. We had Azteca soup and a combination of meats specially prepared for a first timer, along with hand made blue corn tortillas. For as long as I have lived here and have been enjoying Mexican cuisine this truly was an amazing meal.

Soupa Azteca

The meat platter!

That dog wouldn't leave us alone!

After the food we hiked the mountain and just hung out. Here are some clips of us just having fun.

Cesco Running from Cel

Cel riding the bull.

Cesco riding the bull.

Gabe Riding the bull.


CurlyCel said...

Fun times! :)

No fair though, you should have posted the other one of your bull-riding efforts. - Remember? The one where you lasted only a few seconds. ;) Maybe that's the one I'll post...snicker!

Ruth Cortejos said...

Mmmmm...the meat platter looks good! The soup looks interesting...what's the white stuff on the top?

Quite some bull :-D

babylove said...

Yummmola! Great to see foodie blogging.

Gabe said...

Ruth the white stuff is cheese. It's a tomato based soup with torrillas, chicken and cheese, of course topped with avocado. The Best!

john said...

wow i miss the ajusco. we had some good weekends up there. Good memories.