Tuesday, February 20, 2007

HB2 John – the Champ

Yes John this post is for you! I know you thought I was going to forget your birthday….but I didn’t. So you’re probably sitting there reading this laughing at me that I got it on the wrong day and because it’s late, well there are three reasons.

1.) I believe that belated birthday wishes can be some of the best and most remembered ones and can make the recipient feel like they are still having their birthday.

2.) My laptop is in the shop for repairs so my internet time and access has been somewhat limited lately. (I know that sounds more like an excuse than a reason.)

3.) I was out at Carnaval last night dancing in the streets with strangers celebrating the day of your birth! (Hehe…too bad you weren’t here, so many girls here dig bald heads. I did drink an extra beer for you. You know me, looking out for my buddy!)

So I am wishing you the best in your New Year and in the moves that you and your family are in the process of making. I will be praying for everything to work out and for the Lord to supply all your needs.

Thanks for the friendship you have showed me over the years and always making me feel like an equal, you have no idea how much it helped! GBY!


John said...

Hey, thanks for thinking about my birthday! It was a good opportunity for me to do a BBQ!Christine made this great cake from scratch! There goes my diet!

Amber Martiny said...

Hey, John! You may not remember me (I lived with you in Chicago at the end of '93 and the beginning of '94, I was 15) but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to you too, even though it is a bit late. I hope you have a great year. Take care!

Gabe said...

John I bet the cake was great, just jog an extra half hour. BBQ huh, and you didn't even invite me..tsk tsk! Glad you had fun! praying for your trip!