Thursday, February 22, 2007

Carnaval (Feb 13th-21st)

About a month ago I started seeing bleachers being set up along the sides of the road for a 5 mile stretch from Downtown Veracruz along the coast towards Boca Del Rio; those were the first signs of Carnaval. I was to find out that Carnaval Veracruz has become the 3rd largest in the World, following Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and New Orleans (USA). The paid seating on the bleachers accommodates over 750,000 people turning Veracruz into the largest paid auditorium in the world for that week.

Having been to many parades in the States I had a certain idea of what to expect. An orderly precession with fascinating floats, flag waving spectators behind guard rails along the parade route, a feeling of “Oh, that’s nice!” in the air. I should have left my expectations checked at the door.


I mean they do have cool floats and decent shows but the whole “let’s party” feel seeps into your soul! Okay so the best part was being able to get right into the parade and walk/dance/run/party with the precession, dancing with perfect strangers and running into friends.

Make sure you check out the video clip!! Running time, 3:08.


CurlyCel said...

Well, well, we know where you've been, and who you've been keeping your eyes on. ;) LOL!

Gabe said...

Yeah, yeah Cel, I know you wish you were here dancing in the streets and sharing from my 2 litre beer jug!

D.O'C said...

MAN......we had fun!!

Gabe said...

Yeah Doc, it was fun....too bad we were the only oes who enjoyed! Next year we'll drag a whole slew out.