Sunday, February 25, 2007

HB2Y Joy

Danny (16) and Joy (of Andrew)

Today was Joy’s birthday! There are only a few of us home at the moment but we had a small party. The gifts were original, from candles and chocolates to table cloths and gifts wrapped in table cloths. (Hmmm……no comment!)

The birthday dinner was:

Happy Birthday Joy, I hope and pray that this New Year is a good one for you. I am thankful for your friendship and am glad for the privilege of being able to work with you on a daily basis!


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Joy!!
Praying you have a wonderful year, and don't forget to party!!
I love you.XOXOXO

Miss B said...

Beer? Tequila?

Sorry, that was carnal.

What I meant to say was: Joy, I pray that you have the best year yet, full of exciting surprises and happy times.

Babylove said...

hey, now I'm putting a little skin on where you are Gabe. I don't know Joy. But my brother in law is her brother in law. (confusing) OK, I know Cecy her husbands sister. Happy birthday!

Joy said...

thanks so much Ali, Miss B, Babylove -- I love you all too!

And yeah...I'm Babylove's husband's brother's wife's brother's wife...

Smichelle's said...

Happy Birthday Joy, you are a wonderful Mother, faithful wife and loving friend. I love you so much and hope this year will be even better than last.