Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Living Life

It usually happens that when you have a lot that you could blog about you don’t have the time to do any bloggin! That’s been the case for nearly a week now. But instead of boring you with detailed descriptions of all the things I have been doing I will just hit the highlights!

On Friday my two brothers Eli and Elliott and I went to the beach and hung out. That’s the first time in years the three of us have had that opportunity. We had planned on spending the night but only lasted till about 2:00 am.

Sand Castle sculptres on Padre Island

Saturday they made the 3-hour drive with me to get to my kids. Since it had been Adrian’s birthday a few weeks ago and I wasn’t able to be there we took the kids out for what we dubbed “Rucker Day” and a second birthday bash for Adrian.

Adrian, Me and Elliott with funny teeth!

Adrian and Elliott in the Arcade.

Jade, Eli, Adrian and I.

Elliott and Adrian messing around.

Jade posing in the back of the truck.

Last night we had a small informal party get-together for Joe and Ambie who are moving on! Which is sad because I won’t be seeing them here anymore when I come to spend time with my kids.

Jer, Ambie and I

Joe and Jer

John (Click here for more about him!)

More photos coming in another post!


Sylvia said...

I didn't know you had so many brothers. I guess the only one I remember you talking about was the one you got a bib for which said "Spit happens".

Miss B said...

Oh, that's so fun. I'm so glad the kids were able to do that and spend time with your brothers.
Speaking of brothers...I love the way John looks in that photo.

Babylove said...

Fun Pics, Ambie's not gonna be happy about that pic of her. I can see about how tall you are now since I have someone whose height I know, Bambie! Yikes, they growm big in TEXASS!

ambie said...

Lord have mercy! I was kidding when I said you could post that..ah well, now everyone knows i can't keep my eyes open for flash pics :D :D

Gabe said...

It amazes me the stories you remember about me from so many years ago. It's good though becasue the ones you tell me are things I had forgotten. The only ones that are my brothers though are Eli and Elliott.

Miss B.,
Yeah the kids had fun and the bros were happy to be able to hang out with them.

I tried really hard to find a pic of Ambie with her eyes open, but there was only one! Someone snaped a shot of the desisns on the back pockets of her jeans! Maybe she'll let me post that one, ;)

Sorry, I can change it if you like. Maybe I can repost the one Joe put on his blog! :D

john said...

please do post that pic gabe,it should be everywere. yup that was a preetty fun night. miss you haven, come back soon!