Friday, March 02, 2007

No Limits

You know someone loves you when the only "no" they tell you is
"no limits."


'smile for me' said...

'smile for me'
no limits for you gabe, No limits on all the things that make our friendship matter. I love you!

Anonymous said...

I love htat full moon, its beautiful. And looks like you found a winner :-)

Joy said...'s a touching saying, but on the other side of the coin...
I think there are times when we do need to be told "no" for our own good, even -- or maybe I should say especially -- by people who love us.

I know it's been hard for me sometimes to say no to someone I loved. You love them so much and want to be able to tell them the answer that would make things easier or happier for them.

But there have been so many times I've been more thankful in the long run that someone loved me enough that had the faith or the courage to tell me, not the "yes" that I wanted to hear at the time, but the "no" that they or the Lord knew that I needed.

Just my 2 cents...

CurlyCel said...

I agree Joy - there are times that a "no" is necessary. A simple illustration is that of a parent with a child, they're not saying "no" to them 'cause they don't love them, maybe its 'cause they don't want them to be hurt (i.e. finger in socket - I tried that...scary stuff. Heh) and its because they love them that they they're saying "no".

Its a nice thought though, Gabe. ;)

Gabe said...

Smile for me,
Thank you, I am glad you feel there are no limits on our friendship! ILY2!

Glad you liked the photo. As for having found a winner…yes I have! I truly am blessed to have the friends I have, as far as I know you may be one of them.

Joy and Cel,
Yes I do agree with you! There are times when for our own good we do need to be told “no!”

When I came across this quote I was reading about a friend of mine and the feeling I got was more along the lines of:
“There is no limit to the prayers I would pray for you,”
“There is no limit to my care for you” (this would include the parent instructing his child not to stick their finger in the socket)

Then there is of course the Lord telling us,
“There is no limit to the Love I feel for you”
“There is no limit to the things I would do for you!”
“There is no limit on the opportunities that I provide for you!”
“Nothing is impossible; there is No Limit to my power!”
And the list could keep on going!

I am not a writer and feel that sometimes rather then explaining everything I post about and why it’s there and all the feelings and thoughts that come with it, I just put it out there.

Thanks for your comments; I love it when good dialogue gets going in the threads.

CrazyGurl said...

I feel that people should not take every quotation so literally, it takes away from the beauty of the writing when you do that.

Some of these deeper type quotes should be left to our own interpretations and we might like a specific quote at a certain time for a certain reason. Take Shakespears writings on love for example...a lot of what he says can mean different things to different people.

Anyway, I feel a blog can and should be left partly mysterious to others anyway. And as far as that quote, I loved it. To me it means the ultimate of unconditional love and believing in someone.

Cheers! ;-D

CurlyCel said...

He-he...sorry Libby! But Gabe is Gabe and I just can't help it. Will try to respect your need for mystery though! Gabe, shut me up more often. K? :D

CrazyGurl said...

Hehehehe no need to respect my "need for mystery" ;-). Sorry, I just have an intense appreciation for literature and quotations...and thus the ramblings above. But anyhoo just ignore me; I usually just lurk...

Gabe said...

Cel...shut up. (Oh man, did I just say that out loud?)

Just kidding...Cel, why would I ever try to shut you up? You of all people know I value your opinion more than most. Yes, Gabe is just Gabe -- that's all I'll ever be! But I'm glad you have so much fun trying to jab at me.

Crazy Gurl, thanks so much for commenting on my blog, you know I always appreciate it. And I'm honored you actually used your blogger identity since I've noticed on other sites you don't.

Smile for Me First... said...

No limits.
No limits.
No limits.
No limits.

Are you picking up any subliminal hints yet?

Anonymous said...

Smile for me first sounds like someone you should pursue--anyone wiht that kind of love for someone is a keeper.

CurlyCel said...

Ha - that "shut up" just didn't sound right. - Must be 'cause you didn't meant it. :D
I know you don't mind my comments, but its not jabs I take at you, Gabe. - God forbid! I always try to ensure it doesn't become the type of familiarity that leads to hurt (on either end), and if it does, then that's when you have full permission to tell me (and you know that), just as you can be sure I'll tell you (heh), but what I was saying was that you just have a way of making sweeping statements that are just asking me to bring up the other side. - And you do that 'cause you like the response. I see I'm not the only one that feels that way. (Noting that Joy was the first...snicker.) - That's what I meant with "Gabe is Gabe and I can't help it". ;)
And we all know I have a tendency to mess up romance, with the giggles and dissecting of what it really is (yes, pitiful, you'd think the female hormones were stronger), so I still find Libby's point of respecting it good. ;)
Glad you and I understand each other at least, Gabe (and chuckle at those who try to figure us out - lol).

P.S. I know its been said before, but "smile for me first"...yeah, Gabe, its not subliminal anymore. ;)

Miss B said...

I agree with Crazgurl.
Blog posts don't need to make sense to every single person who reads them. It's a form of expression. The person who has a blog probably doesn't want the entire world knowing all of their hidden secrets. So it's a way to express one's self without letting it all hang out. I like that mystery and I also like to speak in cryptic tones sometimes. Those who need to understand do, and those who don't, hopefully don't mind.
But then, yes, it's also good to bring up the other side, like Joy did.
But don't stop the "mystery". It's cool.

Gabe said...

Smile for Me First…
I know who you are…LOL…very funny! Does your husband know about this?

If I were in the market for a keeper I would pursue one that’s not already being kept.

Thanks for saying so well what I would have liked to! I totally get what you say about our comments to each other. No worries you have never caused hurt and if I have I humble apologize!
It is funny to chuckle at those who try so hard to figure our friendship out.
In reply to your PS see above comment to Anon. LOL!

Miss B.,
Thanks for the comment. I do enjoy the “cryptic tones” sometimes also. I love it when you mix it into your songs and writings. Liked the last composition you posted.
(Folks if you haven’t read it yet you should head on over to her blog to read it!)

Thanks so much for making this thread an interesting one! I appreciate it!

Nyx said...

I have said many a painful "no" to the ones I love most.

Does that count??

Ruth Cortejos said...

This is so much fun! :-D

Gabe said...

Of course it counts!

I'm having fun too! I'm thinking of selling tickets and popcorn! Bad idea?

claire said...

I loved it. Made sense to me right away. In my very own way.
To me, at this moment it was Jesus speaking to me saying those words, asking me to never put any limits on my love for Him.

I also love the quote from one of the SS Gns, i think: "You can't have places you won't go for the Lord". Basically, no limits!

Thanks Gabe

Gabe said...

Yes Claire, I do agree with you. That is also how I originally saw it.

BTW which Claire is this?