Monday, April 23, 2007


My friends are asking if my blog will be the new “birthday central,” and if anything else is happening in my life lol! I don’t think it will, I am just blessed to know so many people and have so many good friends. There are more birthdays coming up though (mine being the 10th of May) so there may be a few more yet! But so that you don’t forget mine I have added a countdown clock to my Birthday over there on the sidebar above my profile.

As to if anything else has been happening in my life, YES! Lot’s has been happening, apart for the multiple daily tasks of helping the home function we have had a mini reunion of Czech disciples this past week. So there have been lots of touristy excursions, beach trips, hanging out and good times! I will doing a series of posts highlighting those excursions and some of the local history and attractions from my local area. Maybe it will be interesting!

For now here’s a photo of the other night hanging out at the beach. Click on the names for their blogs.

JD, Jenny, (me), Rose and Hana


Anonymous said...

pooka shells

Gabe said...

pooka shells???? Care to expound?

Nyx said...

...A whole lot of Taureans...YAY!!

Bo White said...

Hey Gabe,
That JD guy is yummy! Does he have any (single) brothers? Don't tell him I said anything

Anonymous said...

Did you like the Doritos ther...ummm...what's your name?