Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fort San Juan de Ulúa

“One of the greatest symbols of Mexico's modern history, its struggles, defeats and victories, sits on an island in the port of Veracruz. The mighty fortress of San Juan de Ulua evokes the spirit of excitement and adventure that marked the great swashbuckling era of sword fights and stowaways, the era of explorers and conquistadors.

The fort is also a testament to the importance of Veracruz, the first European city on the American mainland, which served as the main entrance to Mexico from the time of its founding in the sixteenth century until the advent of air travel in the twentieth century. All European and most North American trade and travel were conducted through the port of Veracruz until fifty or sixty years ago.”

Excerpt from: San Juan de Ulua: Mexico’s Haunted Castle by Lovetta Scott Miller
September 1997 Guadalajara-Lakeside Volume 14, Number 1

Being that the Czechs were here visiting this past week a trip to the fort was in order!
Here are photos from that outing. Oh I didn’t go so there aren’t any of me …

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Amber Martiny said...

Wow! That place is awesome! The air shot makes it look amazing. How I would have loved to live in that swashbucking era of sword fights and adventure....!