Thursday, April 26, 2007

River Ride

One of our outings this past week was a boat ride up the river…cool thing about that is the river borders our back yard. Yes, I live on an island!!

The boat arriving in the back yard!

The whole crew.

Danny, our river rat.

A big tree!

A neighbor.

House of the Countess:
This house once belonged to a rich French Countess who ran a slave trade a hundred years or so back. It is fabled that she would lure young men and teens to the house with her beauty. They would serve her and her purposes for a few months then she would take their lives. It is said that none who past into her house ever came back. Other versions of the stories include tunnels that run from the house, under the river and then emerging in the city of Veracruz.


Jenny said...

A Riverside wreck? Good try, Gabe, we all know that it's your dream boat!

Gabe said...

Yes...along with my dream house in the photo above.

Babylove said...

Oooh, I want to be a Countess!!

Ruth said...

Very nice!

Jenny said...

There, Gabe, you got the Countess - what are you waiting for? ;)

kathy said... cute!!!

Gabe said...

I don't think Babylove meant that she wanted to be my Countess...

...But if you want me as the Count just let me know, I would share the house with you!
But really why settle for being a Countess when you're someone's Dream Goddess already?

Babylove said...

Gabe I'll be your Countess as soon as you finish cleaning up that dump of a castle we got going there.

BTW, River rat boy, you look plenty manly in that pic!! Smiles!! (sorry about the genderbender thingie!) XX

Gabe said...

Cool! Now I can put up a new countdown clock.