Friday, April 27, 2007

The Pyramids at Cempoala

This is a must see to all those who plan on visiting our home. These achaeological ruins are about an hour north of us. It was a Family Day excursion for our home and for the Czechs visiting. I won't put up a big thing about the history but for those who are interested click here.

Click here for Jenny's post which has more pictures...
It's worth a look!


Rosita said...

So, Dear Gabe,
I don't know about this whole countdown bar thing. Sounds a bit conceited - LOL!
You are one bigheaded individual, but we love you anways... ha!

(And Happy Birthday!)

CurlyCel said...

Ohhh...Rosita, me thinks you set yourself up for something that Gabe is not going to be able to pass up. - That's totally screaming out "Gabe, tease me". - Actually, I wanna see this one, for once I'm not the one getting teased. :P

Gabe said...

Bigheaded??? - Wouldn't you like to know... LOL!

It is screaming isn't it?

Ali said...

Ok, I'll ignore the "bigheaded" comments and say that I think your sight's posts are super coolio, and very very interesting..I lov history.
So txs for posting.

Gabe said...

Thanks Ali,
It's nice to know someone actually reads the text and follows links as oppossed to coming just for my "need to improve" photography! LOL!