Monday, April 30, 2007

More Veracruz

Okay here some photos from one of the site seeing outings that I actually did go on. This is a small cannon fort in the middle of the downtown area of Veracruz. We didn’t take the whole tour to get all the history because it was $3.50 per person to read a few plaques on the wall of a room about the size of my room. Didn’t think it was worth it!

This is why I wouldn’t make a good Mexican soldier…I can’t barely fit through the doors of the rifle towers.

This is Isla de Sacrificio – Island of Sacrifice. It’s is said this Island was used back in the day before the Conquistadores for the natives to use in their worship to their gods and for ceremonial purposes. Today it’s an ecological reserve off limits to the general public. It sports a staging area for studying sharks.


amber Martiny said...

What? So you didn't go on those other tours?
By the way, I like your shirt!

Babylove said...

Darn, I wish I said it first, it's a jolly shirt.

Bo White said...

Veracruz looks cool so does your shirt

joy said...

nice cannons

Gabe said...

I dind't go to the pyramids or the castle fort San Juan de Ulua.
But I did go on the river ride.

Amber, Babylove, Bo
Glad you like the shirt! I have a whole collection.

I like the cannon too!

whacky said...

wanna share your collection? ;-)

Ali said...

humm... I like your flip flops..the shirt's ok.:)