Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Castles of Sand

Sand castles and sculptures have always been something I have admired, much like ice sculpting and food carving it’s a type of art that’s both interesting and fascinating. Often attention to detail is what makes it so much more captivating.

This past week there has been an exposition of sand sculptures on a local beach so here are photos of some of them.

This first one is, “The Finding of Two Worlds.”
By Rogelio Evangelista (Mexico)

This next one is, “Water: The Hope of Life.”
By Oscar Rodriguez (Spain)

This next one is, “Gateway to the Sea.”
By Rusty Croff (USA)

And lastly this one is, “Our Veracruz.”
By Jeroen Van De Vlag (Holland)


Nyx Martinez said...


These are...amazing...

amber martiny said...

Wow! Truly amazing!!! :O
I would love to watch someone do that sometime. Imagine all the detail and patience that goes into it. Awesome!

whacky said...

wow! Awesome stuff!! I wanna learn how to do that. :-P

Ali said...

Now that's talent!!!

Gabe said...

You've got talent!!! May I post your works?

Ali said...

I don't think you have any ..heh

Fleur said...

That's awesome! Thanks for sharing it! Shake those sculptors hands for me if you can. :-)

Gabe said...

Yes I do have a photo of some of your talent...remember the leaves??