Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dia de la Madre

Feliz Dia de la Madre! Happy Mothers day!

In Mexico Mothers Day is the 10th of the US it's the second Sunday of each May, this year falling on the 13th. I am posting today in honor of the mothers I live with and I know my mom and the mother of my children won't mind.

I am not a poet by any stretch of the imagination...but I had a go at writing something in honor of mother's everywhere! Hope you like it.

Mothers are wonderment's of God’s love
Offensively preparing me for the battles in the field
This child you bore will in time life prove
Holding course as breaking's teach me to yield
Eventually, what’s left is a life filled with beauty
Resonant with songs in my heart eternally sung
twixt the prevailing wonder and sense of duty
Sacrifice, to me, is a word on silence hung
Dear as life may be, there is something dearer,
A truth unfading as to the end of life I get nearer,
Yet it was, that kept me, the prayers of my Mother.


Nyx Martinez said...

You're not a poet???



Impetuous Lady said...

It's beautiful. I'm so glad you posted it...

Anonymous said...

Love thoe kids shots! Did you take them? Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Gabe said...

Nope, I googgled them.


Glad you like it, thanks for the writing tips.

Rosita said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!
Congratulations! You made it to your BIG DAY! It will be so nice to see that countdown bar taken down, lol!
You're a great fellow blogger and a lot of fun to tease and chat with. Thanks for keeping me entertained! No, really, I've had a lot of fun getting to know you a wee bit. And it's wonderful to see dedicated people like you in the Family. God bless you!
You seem like a really fun and great guy to hang around. You're always there to chat with if I'm getting bored or lonely and noone else is around late at night. I've had some fun and interesting conversations with you.
I pray you have a fulfilling year ahead and that the Lord answers those inner desires of your heart. Have lots of fun and party hard for all of us.

whacky said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe! Will pray you have a beautiful year, growing stronger and closer to the Lord.

amber martiny said...

Sweeeeeet! Good go at being a poet!

Hey, how come you're not on chat today of all days???????

Oh well, Happy Birthday! I miss you tons and hope to be able to personally give you the traditional hug and kiss sometime soon! Hehe!

CrazyGurl said...

oh is it your birthday?! Hope it's a special day for you!!