Friday, May 11, 2007

2007 Birthday Prayer

Lord, I ask that you take my life this year in your hands, that you use it to the desire that you have for it, that I may only do Thy Will.
If a smile brightens my day, I pray I can send it back to the world and by doing so brighten the day of another.
I pray that when laughter finds itself as my companion that I may in turn bring laughter to those around me.
That when joy walks by my side I may be a vessel to reflect Your joy!
That when love embraces me, I pray that I will not fear to love back with sacrificial and unconditional love.
I pray when life greets me with the breath of passion, that I find the zeal to live it responsibly.
I pray when pain walks beside me as my teacher, that You be my opiate to help me grow and heal.
That with tears I cry, my eyes will be cleansed so that I can with crystal clarity see more obviously the path on which You guide me.


amber martiny said...

Beautiful prayer! I hope you had a nice day yesterday and I am praying you have a wonderful year. Hugs and kisses!

CurlyCel said...

Hmmm...getting into writing. - Didn't know you were into that. - I like it though! Praying you do have a great year, Gabe.

*And HI AMBER!!!! - Long time no hear. :)

Nash said...

Nice prayer. you are becoming a writer. Sorry we were late in posting a birthday message. I hope you saw it. Owen has been sick for 3 days now, so that's been taking up all my time. Love you tons.

amber martiny said...

Hey Cel, I've tried posting on your blog but it doesn't seem to accept me or my address. :(

Bo White said...

That was beautiful Gabe. Not just the writing, but the meaning I felt in it. You pray beautiful prayers.

CurlyCel said...

To Amber: Hmmm...strange! No idea why that could be, I don't have any IP addresses blocked that I know of. - At least I know you're around though. :D

Ruth Cortejos said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!

Wild Flower said...

I see you haven't changed the picture of the hands...I'm still waiting.
I hope you're having a good year so far. LY, Take care!

Gabe said...

There Wild Flower,
I changed the photo...the one up now are my hands.