Sunday, May 13, 2007

Party Post

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I want to thank, Ali, Rafe, Kathy, Adrian, Jade, Nyx, Joy, Esther , Jenny and Linda for the birthday cards and emails! (Update on May 16th, Thank you Esther Wilding, Tina E. and Joy who sent cards but that got lost in cyber space. And thank you Olive for your card, I love belated cards!)

Thanks to Ali, Cel, Rosita and Vicky for the Birthday Posts and the cool slide show!

Thanks Dust and Mex City Home for the gift.

Thank you Suzi for the prophecy…You have a beautiful gift there!

Special thanks to my home, I love you guys, for the few days off for my birthday so I could travel to DF and Cuernavaca. It was an awesome birthday gift.

Now I can tell you about the trip.
On the night of the 10th (my birthday) I set out with others from Veracruz to drive to Mexico City (DF) about half way there the transmission went out! TTL we found a safe place to leave the van and caught a ride to the next biggest city with a family home in it which was an hour away.
Thanks to the Puebla home for putting us up so graciously and hospitably with no notice. It was great to have that home unexpectedly added to the list of homes I was going to visit.
I spent the morning there fellowshipping with the home then headed to DF to the ND home where they put me up for two nights and hosted my birthday party. The party turned out better then I could have hoped for with close friends and very informal, just a few games, snacks and drinks, with everyone fellowshipping and telling stories.

The Drinks

The Snacks

The Cheesecake

The Yawn at 2:00am

Then it’s off to Cuernavaca for a day to visit with all my friends in the home there. Recently some folks I lived with 5 years ago in Europe moved here so it was a lot of fun to see them all again.


Jenny said...

I am glad you had a fun Birthday!

Nyx Martinez said...




Other Side of Me said...

Did my card really mean nothing to you? Or was it just not good enough? (sob)

Gabe said...

I didn't get a card from sad! I would have named you for sure! Can you resend it??

CurlyCel said...

Heh - there we go again! - Pics of me and my huge smile/mouth open. Oh well!

BTW, you didn't use the hand pic of...? ;) I was almost sure you would. (Do we look that bad in it? Ha!)

florecita said...

It was nice seeing you. Thanks for dropping by.

Victoria said...

I'm sorry I missed your birthday...I'll have to make it up to you ;-)

magdalena said...

Glad to see a picture of something familiar up on your blog.....that Absolute Vodka, did it taste good!
Happy Birthday Gabe, even though I am late in saying so! Love you!