Saturday, May 19, 2007

HB2Y Mom

Happy Birthday Mom!! I really love you and am praying for you. May this year be a great one for you! I wanted to post a photo of you but I don’t have any…want to send me one? So I am posting a photo of something synonymous with you!

I know there are so many people whose lives you touched, so many mothers and fathers that love you, so many children you helped bring into the world. I am proud to have someone so loved and remembered in such a way as my mother. Thanks for all you taught me and for the life you provided for me. It was such a wonderful life and because of that it is a lifestyle I now try to provide for my children. You are one of God’s greats!!


Linda said...

Hey Gabe...I consider your mom one of my old best friends! She's fun and was always such a sample of laying down her life for others--truly an angel. xo

joy said...

Happy birthday, Rose! I've always admired the person that you are. Your sacrificial spirit and faithfulness with the pregnant mommies was a wonderful sample to us teen girls (and we all wanted to train to be midwives with you, heh.) Plus, like Linda said, you're fun, and cool. :)

Lots of love!

Amber Martiny said...

Happy Birthday, Rose. I really enjoyed being with you and helping you during my time in Chicago. You taught me a lot (some of which I used later when we had to deliver a baby at home when the midwife we had hired couldn't make it on time due to traffic)and the conversations we had were fun.