Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie Across the Miles

When you’re single and there are not many people around rest days can get redundant and uneventful. Awhile back I posted (click here) about having word time with someone on the other side of the world and how it was a cool and different experience.
While chatting with a friend in Brazil yesterday we discovered we were both going to be on rest day today and were talking about how doing things alone can get boring, so we struck on the idea of watching a movie together. So we decided on a movie neither of us had seen and we each downloaded it and agreed to watch it at the same time. We did just that…it was fun as we each enjoyed the movie and were able to comment via chat about it as we were watching it. So I was able to break my chains of watching something on my own on rest days.


Rosita said...

Sounds like we need to come up with a W&R post of "Things to do for the Lonely and Sexually Frustrated" or TLSF.
Actually, I think I just may post about this... hmmm... I feel an idea coming on!
Will have to wait though.
'Till later!


Wild Flower said...

Sounds like fun, Gabe. Maybe we can try to do that sometime, as long as you promise to be quiet and not to ask unnecessary questions like "do you think he husband is cute?".
When is your next rest day?
Oh, btw? Are you sexually frustrated?

Babylove said...

This is going to new depths! What did you watch?

Wild Flower said...

so...? what did you watch?
I'm interested too. But I guess the movie doesn't matter too much as long as you're with the right company.
I'm glad you have fun!

Mike Penn said...

Did, I miss the point of the post??? I thought it was about something you did to defeat occasional boerdom, where are they getting "sexually frustrated" from?
Maybe I got it wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Why do women always assume that every guy who is single is automatically sexually frustrated? Do they simply enjoy fantasizing about all the repressed sexuality that surely MUST be lurking under that cool facade?
"He needs me, he wants me, la la la la la..."

Gabe said...

I don't think our rest days are the same.

Wild Flower,
Sure it might be fun. Unnecessary questions are what make a slow moving movie so fun...along with the company.

BabyLove and Wild Flower,
We saw "Freedom Writers" not my favorite movie but had some good lessons but there is some wadeing through propaganda to get them.

Mike Penn,
Once agian buddy you got it right, it was about defeating boredom. If I had been "SF" I would have made better use of my time...

Oh come on now, you know you want me...LOL!

Rosita said...

Alright, alright, I concede... Gabe is one fun, lively, and creative boy... and sexually frustrated... hmmm... I don't think that word exists in his books... too bad, guess all us silly, sexually frustrated women will have to keep right on fantasizing about sexually frustrated guys and dream on in our lala land... have fun... and may our rest days continue to hit a different vein.