Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thoughts - Child Grace

I am always amazed by the trust and grace that children find to cope with things in their lives. I watch them closely and learn from them much in the way I should be as an adult.

For example, last night I explained to Jade and Adrian that I am going to be leaving for the coming week helping John and Sara move to Canada. They were fine with it and everything looked fine. This morning though Jade realized that today is the day that I would be going and became somewhat emotional.

I explained to her that it’s only for a few days and with promises of fun outings and a meal out when I return she became quite cheerful and was able to get a positive perspective to her trial. I can’t remember how many times we have done this in the past few years.

I believe the Lord gives children special grace and understanding to trust in us as their parents as well as trust in the Lord and His plan. I know that that same grace and trust is given to me from the Lord but the older we get our lives and minds get cluttered with the complexities of our own understandings.

I hope that I can learn by my three year olds example to trust and have simple faith in my heavenly father the way she has faith in me.


Ali said...

So true..children have trust and faith in the purest form... as adults wouldn't harm to have a bit more of that to help cope with all the things we try to figure out in our little heads, but the good news is He can give us special grace if we let Him.

CurlyCel said...

So true! I do think though that a lot of it has to do with the reflection and sample they see through their parents. - I admire parents who are able to forsake and trust, which I know many do.
I posted about this when posting for my mom's b-day (, I lived that scenario, and I know a huge reason I "endured" had to do with the faith and trust I saw in them.
GBY Gabe!

joy said...

I agree with Cel for sure, that part of it has to do with the sample they see, but I think also it must be something inherent in childhood.

For my part, I've always looked back to the time my mom died as an example of that grace and faith that the Lord gives. I was 9, and I remember crying for a couple weeks whenever I thought of her, and then realizing one day that it didn't make me as sad as it used to, and from that point, just going on with life.

Sometimes I've thought back to that point in my life as a comparison, knowing that it's taken me a LOT longer to get over emotional hurts that it seemed should be less serious. I've wondered, why do they seem so much worse now? Although the physical circumstances haven't been as severe since then, as an adult the hurts do seem so much greater and take so much longer to recover from.

I think somewhere in there between childhood and adulthood I started thinking too much, analyzing, second guessing the Lord's doings in my life, and playing the "if I only had," or "if I only could..." game. I don't know if everyone does this as much as I do; I do know it's something I have to battle regularly. I know the Lord's grace is still there for me just as much as it was when I was nine...

Anyway thanks for this spoke to me. :)

Anonymous said...

I think a child is merely a demonstration of how the Lord wants us to be: To simply trust and obey, and know that its gonna work out at the end. Children are more spiritually minded and I think they have the "heavenly vision" more enhanced than any of us do. The know in their little hearts, that someway, somehow, everything is gonna be alright at the end.