Saturday, June 02, 2007

On the road....

I will not bore you with stories of the many miles of road I have been seeing or the endless fields of hay and corn. I will not dazzle you with stories of being pulled over by the "Special Crimes" police as they were searching for drugs. But I will put up some random photos of sights along the way. Hope you enjoy them.


Adrian said...

I'm praying for your trip, Daddy

Joan said...

hey, those flower pictures are good.

Rosita said...

Ah, yes, I've always loved the Midwest! It has a beauty all it's own!

Bo White said...

your photos are nice
I'm keeping a few if you don't mind

Gabe said...

Thanks for your prayers buddy! I love you, Big Hugs!!

Glad you liked the flowers, they were all on the side of the road or at rest stops along the way.

I agree!!

Bo White,
Yes you can save them!