Tuesday, July 17, 2007

HB2Y Agnes

Agnes, Andrew and Alvin

Agnes, you are my kid’s favorite artist and I would imagine lots of other kids are in that group. You have amazing gifts and talents and in the five years I have known you, I have seen you pour out constantly even to your own hurt to do the Lord’s will and serve the children in the Family. You are a sample to me.

Thanks also for all the prayers and encouragement for me over the years. I know it was prayers like yours that helped make me who I am today. You and Andrew are dear friends.

May this be one of your best years yet and may you enjoy your children to the full. Happy Birthday! If you guys ever need anything please let me know!!


Wild Flower said...

Happy birthday Agnes. You look beautiful! It´s been soooo long and you´re kid is super cute. I pray that you have a wonderful year with Jesus with many surprizes and love. Maybe I´ll catch you around sometime. I love you!

CurlyCel said...

ILY Agnes!!! I KNOW the Lord's going to give you an awesome year! P4U!!!! xxx Happy Birthday!

Robyn said...

Yes Agnesita, you are a wonderful person & a great friend. I don't know what I would do without you with us. I love you lots & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Joy said...

Happy birthday Agnes! Lots of love to you and Andrew and your sweet little guy. That is a lovely picture.

Nyx Martinez said...

Hi Agnes, and Happy Birthday...I will always remember that you were my teacher for a little while, some years back, and your art really left a big impression. One of those people whom kids look at and go, "I wanna be like her when I grow up!"

Thank you for your continued service and inspiration!

Adrian said...

happy birthday