Monday, July 16, 2007

Jades Photography

Jade with the bird at the Brownsville home.

A couple weeks ago at Jeremy and Toni's wedding I showed Jade how to use my camera and let her take some photos a couple of which I have already posted.

She is really into it and for being only 3 I think she does very well.

Here are some new ones Jade has taken in the past week.

Christina and Brendon



A Flower


Jason said...

shes an artist in the making

Linda said...

I miss Adrian and Jade soooOOOO much. Please give them a big hug and kiss from me! xo

Anonymous said...

thats an impressive picture of a flower!

Joy said...

That's pretty good for three years old...Jade's a smart little girl. Doesn't surprise me much to see signs of budding talent.

(Now I'm going to say a prayer for your gorgeous camera to make it through the learning process safe and sound :)

Wild Flower said...

She's going for the "flower pictures" too, huh? Thats the best one...super cute.