Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday the 13th Accident

So I was talking to Nathan the other day and asking him what he thought of his birthday falling on Friday the 13th, "I don't believe in it and nothing bad is going to happen" he told me after joking that maybe he shouldn't go out that day. I concluded the same, "that nothing bad will happen."

Little did I know what was in store for me. I was out all morning doing pickups and had the truck loaded full with provisioning, I was on my way home and sitting at a red light when I heard a collision behind me and had just looked at my driver side mirror in time to see a taxi careening towards me. There was no time to react or place to go so he ran right into me. The taxi that hit me was propelled into the back of my truck after being hit by a taxi behind him whose brakes failed. TTL that in all 3 vehicles that were involved no one was injured...only a lot of twisted steel and crumpled fiberglass.

My poor truck! The good news is that since the other guy was at fault they are paying for it. I was sure glad I had my insurance as they arrived quickly and helped sort out the mess.


Ali said...

Your poor truck!!... I think you are a little superstitious.:)... but I'm sure glad they are fixing it.

Wild Flower said...

Oh...poor truck! I guess you'll always remember your Friday 13th...wasn't that bad after all. Your truck will look better than before. Maybe it was good luck...(or just bad driving).
Either way, I'm glad no one got hurt and you're getting it fixed.

Rosita said...

What did I tell you about male drivers?... You should've listened!

(PS. So glad the Lord protected you!)