Friday, July 13, 2007

HB2Y Nathan and Black Power

There isn’t a better friend one could hope to find. I hope and pray you have a great new year with all your dreams fulfilled.

I miss working with you and the crazy stories we would tell, hanging out and just shooting the breeze. There’s still so much we need to do, thank God we have lots of years ahead of us still to come. But really man, we should hook up sometime.

Okay I know alot of you who read my blog know Nate so leave him a comment...

Power to you!!


Ali said...

Happy Birthday!!- Praying you have the bestest year yet.XOOXOX

Wild Flower said...

Cute Hand. I could bite if yummy. He looks like he has muscles, heh.

Linda said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Nathan,
Happy birthday to you!
And we love you!
You're such a sweetheart! xo