Sunday, August 05, 2007

HB2Y Ruth

Ruth is a cool person!! I don’t know her personally but she had me linked to her blog within a few days of me opening mine. I still don’t know how she found me so fast, but she did.

Since then we have kept in touch via our blogs. When I was first learning about what it meant to have a blog and how to manage one she was also a great source of counsel and advice as well as a wealth of information as to editing the code and templates.

So if you enjoy my blog and its style (or lack thereof) then you can thank Ruth as I got most of what I know about it from her.

Thanks Ruth! I hope you have a great new year!


Ruth Cortejos said...

Ooooh I get a birthday post!! Thanks Gabe...& lots of love!

Nyx Martinez said...

Love u Ruth!

Jaz, Clare & Dune said...

Clare says:
lovely eyes :o)