Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday Thought – Failure?

If you are determined to fail and you succeed then what did you actually do?


Joy said...


Ali said...

You did what you had to do:)

Mike Penn said...

You failed, since that is what you determined to do and you did it.

Anonymous said...

You succedded at being a failure. That's doesn't make you a success.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but does the quotation SAY you succeeded at being a FAILURE? It only says you succeed, in which case it doesn't matter whether you determined to fail or not. The end result was that you succeeded.

Wild Flower said...

Doesn't happen! You only succeed when you determine to succeed...failure is for losers that give up.
I'm sure there's a trick word or double meaning in there, but I just thought I'd add my thoughts too.

Unless, of course, determining to fail on a certain something may bring success on something else...etc and so forth. Yeah, kind of complicated.

not so good at english said...

Anonymous, You are right Gabe doesn't specify what the success was. English is not my first language, so can you tell me then that if the success that it's talking about is not talking about this failure then what success is it?

Maria said...

Okay....well this is a bit complicated.

I don't usually read so thoroughly between the lines but it's true that grammatically it doesn't have enough words to understand it completely, but I think that's the point.

Basically if you want to fail you can & in that case you succeed at failing which is success.

But most ppl don't try to fail at least not at most their failures are true failures not intended ones.

Czech it out! said...

I already told you when there were two comments here...It's fun to play with words. For me it's very definite: You FAIL if that's what you were achieving. Who in their right mind would be determined to fail? But again we can play around and use it in different connotation. In that case I wish for everyone to be determined to fail in being unloving and ungodly!.....Any more thoughts??

Anonymous said...

Not So Good at English:

The way I read it, you either succeeded at failing or you succeeded at what you'd determined to fail in, in SPITE of wanting to fail -- either way you look at it, it's a success.

Oh, and I agree with Wild Flower -- someone may determine to fail at something because they have a long term success in mind. Heh. :D

Gabe said...

I must say I didn't really expect the response that this thread is getting. Thanks everyone for giving an opinion...I guess it's time for me to speak my mind.

Joy and Mike,
Your both right, you failed therefore you succeeded. So you were a success and a failure.

I love the way you answered. Too the point and leave the argument aside.

Wild Flower,
You are 100% right to fail on purpose you're an absolute loser. Failing is a part of life and our growing process and it's not how we treat success that makes us but rather how we handle failure. But anyone setting out to fail needs to have a few screws tightened.

Maria and Czech it Out,
I agree wholeheartedly!

Nyx Martinez said...

You shot 2 birds with the same stone?

Gabe said...

Great answer...I know that I can always trust you to bring a prespective to the topic at hand that most others miss.

Adrian said...

YOU FAILED!(shout) wait, you failed.(whisper)