Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bigger Than the Sun

Comet Holmes is a cool sight right now in the night sky. On my drive back from California nearly two weeks ago over the New Mexico desert sky at about 4 am I saw this comet. It was visible till dawn and I had a conversation about it with the person I was traveling with as to what star it could be...little did we know what we were looking at. Click here for a cool news article with all the details about the comet.


Anonymous said...

I read the news article. It was interesting. Thanks for posting it.

Wild Flower said...

Thats so cool! More signs in the's fascinating. It could mean many things. I love the skies and stars...year 2007 (a good number) and a comet larger than the Sun. That's got to mean something.
Anyway...just my crazy thoughts. Have a good trip, Gabe.