Monday, November 26, 2007

If you...

...just ask I would give it to you!! I love to give (maybe that's a pride trip) and usually have no problem giving. But when you take it without asking you're removing the opportunity for me to give. And in so doing you become a thief!


Jason said...

sorry bro I took your socks

joy said...

Sorry I took those three pomegranate seeds. Mea maxima culpa.

Wild Flower said...

...can you give it to me then...? I want it!
LOL...I guess someone took something from you, huh? Worry not, unless it's something irreplaceable, you'll survive. All things change but Jesus never...heh heh.
See ya.

Gabe said...

I knew you did...LOL! But what are brothers for right?

Yeah you should be, those 3 seeds really "threw off my groove!"

Wild Flower,
Yes you can have it!! Come and get it!

Wild Flower said...

ok, tell me when are where!
btw...what is it?