Saturday, November 17, 2007

Claifornia to Texas

The Load!

Wow, after several days of paper work delays everything came together in a series of miracles to get the shipment of stuff released from Customs and the warehouse storage. So now Phillip and I are driving back to Texas from California. Please pray for our 24 hour trip that all goes well that we have no problems and for safe keeping.

Thanks so much to Ira and Esther for lending the truck for this trip. Sorry for any inconveniences our delays may have caused.

Thanks so much to Mark and Mary for putting us up while we were here. It was cool seeing them again after nearly 15 years. I even got to scan some old photos she had of my and my brothers preforming in Christmas shows way back then.... I had a good laugh at myself...

Also thanks to the Activated home for being so accommodating in helping us get the order for my home. Love you guys and it was great seeing you guys again after so many years.


Anonymous said...

Love you Gabe. I'm so thankful for you! xo

Gabe said...

Who are you?....send me a email or something.

Jason said...

when did you ever "preform" god knows none of us can sing, or dance, or play an instumrnt , or well you geet the idea.