Friday, November 02, 2007

Texas - Backroads and Critters

In the past weeks of being on the road and fundraising I have criss-crossed Texas from each end to the other, north to south, east to west and some mixed up directions in between. I have always loved driving and the open road and with the wide open spaces of Texas that is easily done. I had the opportunity to travel some on the "roads less traveled" as some of the cities I went to are not on the Interstate. It made for some interesting road signs that you don't normally see.

Careful when you cross here!

"May I suggest an alternate route?"

Along with the variety of the roads and their signs the wildlife and critters you encounter are also different then your every day run away dog or stuck in the tree cat! So I will leave you with some sights of them I have seen in the past couple weeks.






Wild Flower said...

Nice pics Gabe. Looks like a fun type of traveling. I love the road...

thisisme said...

Hehe, only in Texas man, only in Texas.