Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thought - We are winners!

Excerpts from "Nothing is too hard for Jesus!"

The Enemy has been given permission to test and try your faith now, but only so that it can be made whiter, more pure and precious, and thus be more rewarded. What he's really doing is adding to your ever growing and grand reward. He can't take anything away from you. Even his attacks only bring you more glory, more honor, more strength, more love, more reward. What can he do to you?

Why do you fear his attacks, when you know that he can't touch you, that he will never win, that even the pain he causes you now will be swallowed up in My love for you, that all things work together for your good, that I am in control, that I will never fail you or leave you, that I will come through for you, that I've already conquered him through My death on the cross, that I will bear the burdens for you, that My spiritual weapons and warriors are all-powerful and know no defeat, that the end of the story is already written, and that there is a permanent happy ending for you and Me and pain and destruction for him?


Anonymous said...

One of my favorites.

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