Friday, January 18, 2008

Calorie Counter?

Are you running out of ways to burn those unwanted calories?
Are you bored with the traditional way of using your energy?
Do you ever wish there were new and easier ways to get rid of your unwanted fat?

Well here are a few ideas for you, along with the amount of calories they burn.

Beating around the Bush, 75.
Jumping to conclusions, 100.
Swallowing your pride, 350.
Passing the buck, 25.
Dragging your feet, 100.
Pushing your Luck, 250
Hitting the nail on the head, 50.
Wading through paper work (or computer files), 300
Bending over backward, 175.
Running around in circles, 350.
Tooting your own horn, 25.
Climbing the Ladder of success, 750.
Adding fuel to the Fire. 160.
Wrapping it up at days end, 12.
Opening a can of worms, 50.
Putting your foot in your mouth, 300.
Starting the ball rolling, 90.
Going over the edge, 25.
Picking up the pieces, 350.
Counting eggs before they hatch 8.
Making mountains out of moll hills, 500.
Counting sheep to fall asleep, 25.
Going the extra mile, 650.
Sticking your neck out, 75
Turning the other cheek, 200.
Burying your Talents, 15.5
Burying the Hatchet, 200


Impetuous Lady said...

This is just down-right genius!

I'm going to print it out and post it on my home's fridge...

Anonymous said...

Did you make the calorie burning list?(it was quite original).
-your big littler brother and the original baldo.

Gabe said...

Impetuous Lady,
Glad you liked it and can use it for a good laugh, that's what it's there for!

No I didn't write it. It is a list I cam by about 8 ears ago when I was in Europe. Just found it in an old file and thought it was funny!