Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Dream

Dreams are amazing things, all my life I have been fascinated by them. Some I had myself and some from others, I always loved hearing peoples dreams. Some people can't remember their dreams other's can't seem to forget them. Sometimes I will wake up knowing I have dreamed but they elude me and other times I wake up and can't escape it being the dream was so vivid.

Today I dreamed and I want to share it with you. I know, I know, some of you are saying "Boring, let's skip this post!" Please by all means skip it. Others of you are saying, "Finally a real peek into his psyche!" Okay have your fun and try to figure me out, at least you'll be able to make your self laugh!

I was traveling with a female partner who didn't speak the local language. I think it was Mexico since I was doing the talking and seemed to be able to communicate and understand relatively well! I got the impression we were going wittnessing or on a faith trip as she was carrying a guitar and a bag. I was carrying a beautiful baby girl about 8 months old. She was nestled in my arms sleeping so contentedly and the dream was so vivid I could fell her warm body and her little chest heaving as she breathed that contended breath of sweet slumber.

Now I don't know if the baby was mine or my partners or if there were more people with us. But we were standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus to arrive at the stop and I was communicating with the bus guy asking information about the routes we needed to take. When my partner called out to me to get my attention, I turned and saw she was pointing to something in the distance. The sun was setting and stray sunbeams flooded her lighting up her hair making it look abalze. It was magnificent and beautiful the way the light was shining into her face and she looked so at peace and happy. I will never forget the look on her face. Just as I was thinking what to say I was suddlenly jerked back to the reality that this was a dream by someone waking me up.....

Oh man I so wanted more of that dream!


Just Blowing By said...

I have had quite a few dreams like that. I always wondered what part they play in this life, because when you dream them they feel apart of you.
It's a feeling so intense & very often filled with love.

CurlyCel said...

LOL - that's awesome, we're in tune, Gabe! ;)

Anonymous said...

as far as the monkeys go, I think it is also true of humans. In my experience when the girl starts being loud it makes me even more excited. Funny stuff none the less. Where do find this stuff?
Did you make the calorie burning list?(it was quite original).
Oh by the way I lost your e-mail address. So I will tell you my recent event. Yeah so I got engaged, as soon as we set a date I would love for you to be there.
Never mind what I said last post I was trashed. Should of realised the public aspect of this blog.
Well write soon all my love your big littler brother and the original baldo.

Mike said...

Hey did you post this to hear people's interpretations of it?

Jason said...

While the average person might believe that dreams mean something, little is known about why we dream. Fifty years ago, scientists discovered that sleep has distinct phases and that dreams usually happen during only one of them — the rapid eye movement or REM phase, during which the sleeper’s breathing, heart beat and brain waves speed up and the eyes move quickly behind closed lids. Since then, researchers have made no major breakthroughs nor reached anything close to consensus about the cause or meaning of dreams.

These days, just a few U.S. scientists study them intensively. Only 10 out of the more than 1,000 presentations at this year’s meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies were about dreams.

Many experts, including William Dement, MD, PhD, a Stanford professor known as the “father of sleep medicine,” believe that dreams contain personal messages — and are linked to our emotions and mood. Others believe that dreams are simply random byproducts of the brain’s chemical changes.

There hasn’t always been rampant disagreement about dreams. For decades, scientists followed the theories of Sigmund Freud, who wrote in 1900 that dreams provide a harmless way to act out our unconscious fears or taboo thoughts.

If people weren’t able to dream, Freud said, they would become psychotic.

In the 1950s, scientists tried but were unable to prove a link between a lack of dream sleep and schizophrenia. Studies also showed that people’s dreams, like Ripert’s, correlated with what was happening in their lives, which went against Freud’s belief that dreams had little connection to daily activities and stresses.

Freud’s influence eventually lessened, but most sleep scientists still believed dreams said something about us. And psychoanalysts continued to examine dreams as a way to gain understanding of a patient’s inner thoughts.

(Stanford Medicine Magazine)

It appears Bro that this dream is about sex and the consequences of it :)

Gabe said...

Just Blowing By,
Yeah I totally get what your saying!

Great minds think alike and fools seldom differ.

Congrats on the engagement. Let me know when the date is set and I will do everything I can to be there. Can I bring the kids?

LOL! Not intentionally but if you want to give it a shot go for it!

Information overload....LOL! I found your interpretation interesting though. Who knows?

Impetuous Lady said...

I hope you finish this some way Gabe ;)

Wild Flower said...

I'm not sure whether this dream is special because it has a "meaning", or it "means" so much to you...but thanks for sharing it with us. It was very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I not sure if the dream is special at all...

Miss B said...

That is a very sweet dream. I hope it comes true for you :)