Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What would you do?

I ran accross this story in the news just now about a woman who called th cops on herself and turned herself in and got a citation for having been driving after drinking! Would you have called 911 and taken the ticket?


Mike said...

Let's see... Now why would I call the cops if I was planning on driving the rest of the way home anyways? Didn't she get the ticket once she got home and the car was parked in the garage? I guess if she had told them it was a prank call and she hadn't been driving she would have gotten a ticket for that no? I wonder which ticket is more?

I wouldn't have called the cops! But I wouldn't have been driving in the first place if I had been drinking.

Gabe said...

Hmmm... I don't know Mike which ticket would be more. Drunk driving is usually pretty steep cuz of the potential for danger.

Hey Jason, What do you think?

Jason said...

Well Bro, since this happened in Wisconsin, as I do not know all the laws for there. However the police in Texas would not have been able to issue a citation for a “driving while intoxicated” as this is not a ticket able offence it is an arrest and only if the Officer see the driver. When they do investigations on DWI’s it is going to be a secondary offence. The most the police here in Texas would have been able to do would be issue her a citation for Public Intoxication, as there is no element of the crime for DWI. However, the only way that they would be able to do that is if she was off her property in public.
Therefore, if she has an attorney she can get it dismissed, as there is a lot of legal maneuvering that she can do.