Wednesday, February 27, 2008

HB2Y Adrian

Today my big boy turns 8! Happy birthday Buddy!! We had a nice BBQue on Sunday with a bunch of friends over. Here are some pictures f the days events.
The Birthday Boy

Haven's amazing cupcake tower!

The Grill Man.

Grilled Salmon. We also had chicken and hot dogs, but who would want to see a picture of that?

Adrian's pinata hit nearly took off an arm of the pinata.

Candle ligthing.

Pinata costume.

Adrian liking one of his gifts.

I think Jade is so cute in this photo! I love how she's sneaking a peek before her swing.

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Wild Flower said...

Happy birthday Adrian! 8 is a good number...not as good as 7, but at least it's 4x2, and 4 is also a good number.
Keep being the funny smart boy you are. I'll talk to you sometime. Have a good one....