Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HB2Y Quacky

Jessica, I know you don't like me very much, you never have and I am okay with that. From the time you met me those 9 years ago and we would have our raging arguments (I can call them that right) and from the good old days when the MO site had a chat room and you would get all flirty with me when I was half way across the world and you didn't know it was me...LOL...that was always a good story to tell, to now that you are married to one of my best friends...(don't ask me how that happened...) you have had it in for me. But I must say it has always been fun, fun, fun.

I love you despite everything, yes I know, I said it. I do love you! (Mike don't get any weird ideas eh? it isn’t that kind of love...) I hope that you have a great Birthday with an even better year filled with tons of cool fun things from the Lord, your hubby (pay attention Mike), your home and your friends.

Like always a Big Hug from your biggest pain...LOL! BTW, you look absolutely stunning in that photo, makes me want to run out and get you a six pack of beer. ;p


Miss B said...

It was a very happy day for me when I found out that my good friend Jessica was marrying my good friend Michael. You are such a beautiful person, Jess, inside and out, such a fun person to talk to, hang out with, go provisioning with, do workouts with...and the list goes on. I miss you terribly and hope I get to see you sometime and meet your adorable baby, who is just too cute and squishy!! ILYSM! Happy Birthday!

CrazyGurl said...

You've been tagged--by me!! =D

Show me a special something--something that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of memories for you--or all of that--and tell me about it. Absolutely anything!! Take a photo of it and post it, saying why it is special! =D

Tell me if you've done it! x

CurlyCel said...

Happy Birthday Quacky! - I'm sure this year is going to be better than the year before, and I'm praying it's all you hope and wish for! xxx