Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthdays I missed...

I just wanted to do a few Birthday shout outs to people I missed posting for. It's not that I didn't remember you on the day I jut haven't had Internet access lately so haven't been able to post.
But I wish the best for each of you and that you all have a great New year with wonderful blessings from friends and family.

May 16th,
Rossi Spirit, I miss seeing you at the fiesta Home but hope all is well for you in China. Rossi, you met me when I was at the worst stage of my life, when I was mean, angry, lonely and an outcast. Yet still you reached out to the person inside that was lost and you befriended me and treated me like an equal when no one else did. You will never know the extent of how your friendship and faith and trust in me helped me become who I am today. I love you and am praying for you.

Lainey, has a big heart and I have never seen or heard an unkind thing from her. Granted since she lives in Canada I haven't seen or heard her much... jk.

May 19th,
Jason Etheredge, you are a good friend and a fighter of the truest form. Keep going for God brother,

May 26th,
Sarah Rapp, is a crazy, crazy girl I have known for about 15 years. Always good for a laugh. It's funny but I still remember her birthday and it freaks her out so HB2Y Sarah. Sarah, I only have one photo of you (that one you sent to prove you have bigger....) so I won't post it here...

Also on the 26th is Kathy, although we have only met through our blogs it's been great getting to know you a bit. I appreciate your prayers and friendship. I hope you have a great new year.


Sarah said...

Thanks. Can't believe you remembered me again. Love you and keep the pic as long as you need it...HEE HEE

kathy said...

thanks buddy that was real one else (besides my sister) did a post for me. gracias amigo!!!!!! :*