Monday, August 04, 2008

San Bartolome Day #1

Volcano Popocatépetl, aka Popo, as seen from the village of
San Bartolo.

This is the first post in a series to share with you the CTP project that our home has embarked on for the duration of this week. The story of our involvement in an impoverished village, San Bartolo will be told over this week and I will introduce you to some of it's residents and share with you there lives, their stories, their dreams, and their prayers.

But to begin let me explain about the project goals. We are joining up with a Christian group from Matamoros, Mexico which is a northern border town across from Brownsville Tx. They have brought a Doctor to provide free medical checkups for any and all who need them. And a pair of paramedics to give first aid classes, a teacher to help with the children and about 14 other volunteers.

Our home is having between 8-10 volunteers each day not counting our own children whom we are involving in this project. One of our goals is to run activity tables for the children and to help bring cheer and happiness into each of their lives. (More specifics about that in a later post)

Another of the goals and the primary reason for being there is to provide spiritual support to the Families to bring them hope by being a witness of the Lords love and to help them find Him and or to strengthen their relationship with Him.

The Lord has also supplied many needed clothing items and about 400 pair of shoes to give out at this event. These will be a great blessing to the people there where an average salary is less then $10.00 a week.

So today was a meet and greet with the team from the North and having prayer and discussion about the organization of the project and our plan of attack. This was done over a traditional Mexican meal. This time of prayer and meeting was beneficial for all to get to know each other and with prayer all be on the same page. TTL for His constant leading and guidance.

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