Tuesday, August 05, 2008

San Bartolome Day #2

Our Team: Phil, Bruni, Ivan, Sara, Kat, Me, Gabriel and Victor (behind the camera)

This was our first day on site. Upon arrival we set up different tables to run the activities from while others set up the "clinic" in one of the homes of a local family.

The Clinic

After the tables were set up the different activities started. While parents where having their medical checkups the kids would be in our care or that of one of their other family members.

We had all kinds of things for them including, coloring, storytelling, face painting and balloons, songs and dance, sports and games, and first aid classes. Following are some photos of the days event's.

Gabriel demonstrating a life saving technique.

The balloonist: Kat, Ivan, Sara and Gabriel

Bruni helping with the arts and crafts.

Victor and Kat teaching the kids "In Right, Out Right."

Victor and I helping to give the shoes out.

Around 2:30 pm we had a delicious handmade traditional meal for anyone who was there both people coming to receive aid and those of us volunteering. It was a nice time of fellowship and relaxing getting to know everyone and their families.

Making handmade tortillas.

A volunter helping to cook the "nopales" (cactus) for a local dish.

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