Thursday, August 07, 2008

San Bartolome Day #4

Along with all the physical aid we are trying to help this village with, personal witnessing is our primary focus. This morning we started the day with a group devotions and ended it with the salvation message and led the group that had already gathered there in prayer to receive Jesus. Witnessing and praying with people became the common sight of the day.

Bringing happiness into these peoples lives and into the village has taken on a festive role. the face painting of smiley faces on people is the new trend. Today we decided to step it up a bit and we also painted the cars so that where ever we drive we are also being a witness.

Some of the village ladies following along in bibles at the morning devotions.

Kat and Gabriel painting the cars.

The finished product.

And Kat insisted on painting my head too... I guess she found the smooth surface attractive... LOL!

Holding up a caterpillar before making him lunch... Yes!! You read that right, we cooked and ate caterpillars. More on that along with the video coming in a later post.

Dawn, Kat and Sara all sampling the caterpillars.

Some of the happy children at lunch time.

The kids listening to a bible story.

Gabriel and I helping to pass out the shoes.

Kat, Phil and Sara helping to pass out the clothing.

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