Friday, August 08, 2008

San Bartolome Day #5

Today was another great day in the village. We took the kids today and they all had a blast. It was nice for me to see Adrian and Jade interacting with the other kids and constantly asking me how to say different things in Spanish. They each made new friends and were able to help and participate in the different activities.

Adrian playing soccer.

Pablo (the Medic) giving people check ups, and Victor offering words of encouragement.

Jade and Sara helping to give away clothes.

Esther, Bruni, Gaby, Sara and Victor giving away shoes.

Jade sharing some banana bread with one of the children.

Adrian and Jade participating in a gunny sack relay race.

Pilar, Esther, Kat and Alex (9) with a group of children for inspiration.

Phil with two ladies at lunch.

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